The Scott Kirschenmann Cannonball Run 2021

You haven’t done it all, until you’ve completed the Scotty Kirschenmann Cannonball!

The Cannonball Run 2021 Recap!

We are so excited to share with you that our Inaugural Scotty Kirschenmann Cannonball Run on Saturday, October 16, 2021, was a smash hit! We were beyond honored to have nearly 70 sponsors and 14 Cannonballer Race teams!

The Cannonball Run consisted of 14 Cannonballer Race Teams, of 2-4 racers, competing in a 250-mile journey around Kern County. The racers faced physical and mental challenges – providing a fun, unique way to raise money for an earnest cause! Take a look at the video to see how the day played out!

Our teams were SO competitively good that it came down to mere seconds to determine the winners! See the top 5 teams below!

  • 1st Place – Car Ramrod
  • Team Members:
    • Garth Corrigan
    • Jake Panero
    • Aytom Solomon
    • Beau Woodward
  • Team Sponsors: Varner Bros., Beau & Jennifer Woodward
  • Final Time: 182 minutes


  • 2nd Place – VIPMD
  • Team Members:
    • Dr. Vip Dev
    • Ali Douglas
    • Ty Heckman
    • Louis Wildrick
  • Team Sponsors: VIPMD
  • Final Time: 186 minutes


  • 3rd Place – Captains of Chaos
  • Team Members:
    • Thomas Baker
    • Jason Davenport
  • Team Sponsors: Allied Potato
  • Final Time: 190 minutes


  •  4th Place – Good Ol’ Boys
  • Team Members:
    • Pete DeBoer
    • Jarrett Jamieson
    • Wayde Kirschenmann
  • Team Sponsors: Mike & Brooke Willems
  • Final Time: 193.5 minutes


  • 5th Place – The Four Horsemen
  • Team Members:
    • Mike Anchordoquy
    • Chad Brock
    • Chad Garone
    • Matt Hornbuckle
  • Team Sponsors: ASU Commercial, Chad & Amanda Brock, Chipper, Inc., Double Eagle Produce, Erthos Inc., Garone Ranches, McKittrick Ranch, Ernie Phoenix, Red Bank Ranch, Brian & Krista Thomas and Derrick & Kellie Yurosek
  • Final Time: 194.5 minutes