2023 Gifting Project

Scholarships and Grants

We offer grant and scholarship opportunities in Kern County. View the list of grants and scholarships we gifted in 2023 below.

2023 Scholarships

These educational institutions demonstrated a clear plan for the use of funds and identified how said funds will benefit Kern County’s youth to persevere.

Total Gifting Amount Awarded


Arvin High School- SAE Project

SAE Project- The grant will fund the SAE projects. The money will be used to purchase livestock, feed, supplies for- swine, lamb and goat show materials and FFA show uniforms.

Arvin High School-EHA program

Expand Horticulture Academy- The grant will be used to expand the current program. The funds will be used to purchase food ingredients for 20 culinary labs and equipment. The expansion will provide 120 students hands on experience.

Arvin High School- Ag Mechanics

Ag Mechanics- The grant will be used to purchase supplies for the students to learn to weld large scale projects, tables, BBQ pits, benches. The students will present a budget of their project. This teaches the students how to budget, present a budget and welding.

Bakersfield College

Edible Garden Compost- The grant will help the campus reduce waste in the edible garden in the culinary arts program. The compost will be put back into the soil to help feed the existing crops and provide natural nutrients to the soil. The ag department will be able to conduct classes and labs based on the compost. The compost can also be sold to the community for profit.

BHS- Ag Dept

Washington Leadership Conference- The grant money will provide 5 students the opportunity to attend a Leadership Conference in Washington DC. The conference teaches the students to focus on achieving a higher education and leadership skills. The conference is June 6-11 OR June 13-18.

Del Oro- SAE Project

SAE Livestock Project- The grant will help purchase animals and partial feed to show livestock at the Kern County Fair.

Del Oro- FFA

National FFA Convention- The grant will provide the opportunity for the students to attend the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis in November 2023. The money will be used for travel, 8 students and 2 teachers.

Garces High-FFA

Greenhouse expansion- The grant will be used to purchase a custom greenhouse with an irrigation system and needed supplies to start growing.

Kern Valley High- Ag Mechanics

The Ag Mechanics group currently has 6 stations set up for the students to weld and learn hands on experience. They are requesting the funds to purchase 6 portable welders. The welders will not only be able to be used in the shop but can also be used on the farm. The grant will also be used to purchase welding gloves.

Mira Monte- Ag Mechanics

AG Mechanics- The grant will be used to purchase tools and equipment for the Ag Mechanics team. The items include a generator, 2 cold cut saws and 4 portable worktables. The team travels for many competitions, these items are portable, and they will no longer need to borrow or rent the equipment.

West High-FFA SAE

SAE project- The grant will be used to purchase equipment to add a poultry area. Equipment and items to construct a poultry housing unit, feeders, waterers, incubators, and other items needed.

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