2022 Gifting Project

Scholarships and Grants

We offer grant and scholarship opportunities in Kern County. View the list of grants and scholarships we gifted in 2022 below.

2022 Grants


These educational institutions demonstrated a clear plan for the use of funds and identified how said funds will benefit Kern County’s youth to persevere.


Total Gifting Amount Awarded


Arvin High School

The monies will be used to provide students with livestock and all supplies and equipment needed to begin their SAE project.  The SAE program is a critical component of the Animal science pathway providing students with a learn by doing experience.

Arvin High School

The monies will be used to purchase a shed to house the tools and equipment needed to expand the Environmental Horticulture Academy (EHA). The EHA program provides students’ knowledge on the different food production practices and develop an understanding about their food and how it is made.  By expanding this program, the EHA staff can provide more opportunities for students to compete in state level plant science competitions, veg crop, nursery and landscaping, grapevine pruning, and food science & technology judging teams.

Bakersfield College

The monies will be used to allow the college to install hydroponic systems on the Delano campus where they are installing a Regenerative Farm to support the campus. The school will offer credit and non-credit courses, to allow for community wide resources to learn how to grow fresh produce in their own homes regardless of space or access to sunlight.

Bakersfield High School

The monies will be used to expand the current SAE project to include first year FFA students. First year students will be able to start and maintain an at-home fresh vegetable starter kit, like a garden, slightly bigger than previously used at-home gardens designed for a more useful and significant overall impact.

Del Oro High School

The monies will be used to purchase a plasma cutter for the school’s Agriculture Mechanics Program. The machine will enable students to use the machine to gain skills in welding, fabrication and will be able to learn the skills needed to repair small farm equipment.

Independence High School

The monies will be used to support the participation of 4 students to attend the Washington Leader Conference in D.C. each summer.  Each day of the conference focuses on a different principal taught through the context of our nation’s capital; those pillars being Explore, Encourage, Advocate and Serve.  At the end of the conference, members leave with a Living to Serve Plan they can implement in their own communities. The goal is to provide an opportunity for students to attend the conference and create an action plan that is geared to serve our local community.

Mira Monte High School

The monies will be used to fund the school’s SAE projects.  The mission is to provide financial assistance for students to fund their SAE project of choice. Experiential learning through SAEs is based on the highly effective method of “Learn by Doing”.  Project based learning has been proven to increase student collaboration, engagement and ownership of learning, and skills that will have significant and positive impact on their future.

Shafter High School

The monies will be used to provide additional hands-on learning opportunities for students in the Agriscience pathway by purchasing an aquarium fish tank, supplies and a hydroponics growing system. These items will be used to teach students about sustainable agriculture practices, alternative farming systems and the conservation of natural resources and ecosystems.

Taft High School

The monies will be used to purchase equipment necessary for students to be successful in their SAE projects.  The equipment will be made available for the students use at the school farm laboratory and while preparing and showing at different shows.   The grant will allow more students to gain valuable hands-on learning through their SAE projects.

West High School

The monies will be used to install floral display fridges in the floral design classroom.  These fridges will increase the floral design space and allow students more opportunities when creating floral arrangements. The program instructor will be able to plan floral design labs and to afford the opportunity for students to create floral arrangements for larger events.





2022 Scholarships

The Scotty K Gifting Project awarded 8 grants to Kern County students. Each student will receive $1,000.

Cesar E. Chavez High School

Recipient will be attending Cal Poly SLO

North High School

Recipient will be attending Fresno State

South High School

Recipient will be attending UC Davis

Wasco High School

Recipient will be attending CSUB

Cal Poly SLO

Graduate of Garces Memorial High School

CSU Fresno

Graduate of Highland High School

UC Davis

Graduate of Bakersfield High School


Graduate of Independence High School

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