About Us

Scott Kirschenmann Family Foundation

Our Mission

The mission of the Scott Kirschenmann Family Foundation (SKFF) is to inspire hope in the youth of Kern County to reach individual goals by focusing on confidence-building through mentorship and educational enrichment. Diverse in scope, the Foundation supports programs and organizations in the areas of education and professional development, agribusiness awareness, and other programs dedicated to stimulating our youth.

Our Vision

The Scott Kirschenmann Family Foundation will work to enable the confidence needed for Kern County’s youth to thrive. Through grants, scholarships, and other community investments, our goal is to help develop the skilled workforce of the future across Kern County, uniting employers and educators through innovative secondary and post-secondary education programs. With a focus on building a strong talent pool for agribusiness, we also understand the importance of vocational studies and support programs that provide awareness and opportunities for our youth to explore and develop a vocational career.

The Foundation Will Invest in the Following:

Education & Professional Development

  • Secondary and post-secondary education initiatives that create opportunities for our youth to succeed
  • Developing a mentorship and leadership program that focuses on connecting our youth holding the potential to succeed, who often lacks the certainty and tools to achieve success.
  • Changing the mindset and perception of vocational schools and study to increase jobs and educational opportunities and connect Kern County’s youth to business owners and managers
  • Funding programs providing relevant work experience and mentoring opportunities in the areas of agriculture and related industries to support the current Kern County workforce


  • Support agriculture-related programs at all levels of education institutions
  • Promote and fund programs reshaping the public image of farmers and the farming industry to attract a more robust workforce
  • Seek to expand relevant agriculture-related professional work experience while removing regulatory obstacles to growth

Other areas of Importance to the Kirschenmann Family

  • Projects deemed significant to the Kirschenmann Family.
  • Programs dedicated to the education and awareness of drug misuse and accidental overdose

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